Setting up your DNS

The steps below are an approximation of how to use your DNS provider’s administration environment.

  1. Log into the administration environment of your DNS provider.
  2. Look for any menu or tab related to DNS (e.g. DNS zone editor, DNS settings, DNS manager).
  3. Search for the option to add an alias and CNAME.
  4. You can find your alias and CNAME in the System73 Multi-CDN control panel:
  5. Log into your System73 Multi-CDN account on

    1. In the menu, click Vhosts, and click the website you want to find the CNAME of.
    2. The information field expands, and the CNAME should be listed above the alias.
    • Copy the value listed below the CNAME heading, and your alias
    • Your CNAME will look like: <label> CNAME Location
  6. Enter your alias and CNAME in the designated fields in the administration panel of your DNS provider.

  7. Save to create your DNS record.

In case you need assistance configuring your provider’s DNS records, consult your DNS provider. Alternatively, check out Google’s guides for most hosting providers here.

Purging via the Control Panel

To purge content using the System73 Multi-CDN control panel, follow the steps below:

  1. Log into your account on . Purge Location
  2. Click Purge in the menu on the left-hand side.
  3. Add the URLs you want to purge to the field.
  4. Click the Purge button to finish.

TLS / SSL - Certificates

TLS certificates can be uploaded via API or the webform. Only the leaf cert and private key need to be uploaded.